We are what we are. Can we change? Sep02


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We are what we are. Can we change?


10458013_10152477265662082_6933435196384616113_nWe are the social animals, but incidentally, every weak species in the planet are social. The weak find strength in numbers. The numbers ensure one thing, at times of distress, the chances of survival from within a group is more than the chances of survival when alone.
A pack of deer, say a hundred strong, when hunted by Lions, might lose one or two, which is acceptable. Ninety eight survived, which is 98% survival rate. If it was a five strong pack, death of one reduces the survival rate to 80%. So the group has more survival rate, the weak lives together, the strong hunts alone.
So , is being social a sign of strength? Or is it a show of weakness?
Being social has it’s uses. It gives a bigger target to the hunters, it gives a better survival chance to the weak.
So us being social, is just a compensation for our weakness, because when our great grand fathers were faced with some really strong challenge like a mammoth or sabretooth tiger, they had to stand together, some one with a spear might get lucky. People folked around heroes. The weaker accumulated around the comparatively stronger. Societies arose, civilisations came together, space science came to being, earth became a global city.
But while, we pride about being social, and social being something greater than being an animal, is there truly any difference?
Calling ourselves greater than animals, calling ourselves civilised, calling ourselves the masters of all things on earth. Isn’t all this a little premature for a species that came to existence just about 300,000 years ago? A species which is physically unable to survive the nature, if left alone. As compared to the animals that are ready to hunt for food from the point of their birth?
Our species was compromised in physical abilities which augmented the mental capabilities, the process of coming to being of all spcies on earth is a compromise between different abilities.
If humans had greater immunity, that we won’t be falling sick under any circumstance, it might mean lesser response to digestive absorption process.
We are developers of technology, so far reaching that we can go to planets and come back. Animals can’t do that, but a cheetah can run faster, a lion can hunt better, a dog can smell better, birds can fly, and a bat can hear subsonic. We created technology to overcome all these. Does it make us better? Or are we trying to catch up with natural abilities if other species?
But whatever the technology be, whatever our achievements be. Our society is just as animal as it is in the wild.
The strong preys on the weak. The tiger hunts the deer. The powerful humans ‘hunt’ the weaker. The corporates and political barons take away the freedom of the weak. Deers can run from a tiger, but the weaker humans are left with no other option than lie back and die against the massive strength of the powerful.
A tiger protects it’s turf from another, they fight is with the natural weapons they got. Sharp teeth and nails. Strength of their legs and strength of their muscles. Unless severely deprived of food, the animal kingdom extols the fight between equals. While among as humans, the stronger just exterminated the weak. Totally.
This is what civilization has given us. A sense of non existent freedom, where the powerful rules and the weak listens, sometimes the weak grows to power, or the powerful falls, but the equations of power remains the same. It is still death for the weak. Is this the true meaning of being civilized? Where everything that is being done is mirroring the animal world. Can’t we care? Can’t a human being show concern to his fellow being? Or is selfishness the key to survival? What happened to co existence and helping others? What happened to giving a shoulder if support to the ones in need? What happened to the world where people called themselves civilized? While they had babies for breakfast and skulduggery as dessert. Are we not just animals? What is the progress we had?