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Rape. Whose fault is it?


Yesterday, when I went online, half of my newsfeed was populated with reports and articles about Maria Sharapova not knowing Sachin Tendulkar. My first thoughts were, how is it that there is not even half this response to the rape cases happening all over the country? I was just telling my neighbour that the number of people reacting to this issue is literally more than half the number of people who reacted to the UP rape case , which happened on 30th may this year.

That’s when he carelessly commented that there are so many rape cases, how can we keep tabs on them? As in seriously, if it was your daughter or sister being raped would you still be able to give the same response? That’s when he started arguing that he has brought up his sister in ‘sanskarik’ way so she won’t be raped. ‘Seriously dude, where did you get your logic from’ was all I wanted to ask him. He still argues that even if there ‘might’ (stress’s on the might part) be fault on the guys’ part it is the responsibility of the girl to have prevented it.

imageDoes this mean he would have told his sister or daughter the same thing if it had happened to them? Of course not! This is the problem with the way of thinking of our society, you hear about a rape, you say, “oh that was bad” and all but silently, you are glad that it wasn’t your daughter or sister. Does this mean our society will not speak up against it, until it happens to each and every girl and woman of our society? Something I read in the article about Sharapova not knowing Sachin was “Many argued that since Sharapova was a sportsperson she should know about other sportsmen”. I ask you, aren’t we all humans? Aren’t the girls and women who were raped, humans? Then why aren’t we arguing with the way and the amount of time our government takes to put the culprits behind bars and why aren’t all of us arguing about the safety of our women and children? I ask all those jingoistic fans of Sachin out there, is cricket more important than the safety of the women and girls of our society? All of you spoke up against someone not knowing Sachin, but how is it that there was hardly such an uproar from the entire country about the 2 teenage girls raped and strangled to death in UP, a month and a half ago? Sure there was quite an uproar in the state but what about the country as whole?

Did you know that the policemen who where at the station that day, when the relatives of those girls had gone to lodge a complaint, blamed the teenage girls and their parents for the crime, siding with the culprits? Did you know that if they had taken some action that day then the girls wouldn’t have been raped again and murdered the next day; then they would still be alive today ?

When you can talk so much about something so trivial as someone not knowing Sachin, I ask you, why can’t you stand up against a crime of this magnitude?

Just because it wasn’t your daughters or sisters who were raped, does not mean they weren’t daughters and sisters of someone else! That doesn’t mean we should not fight for their justice!  Every woman, Every girl out there has the complete right to safety as our sisters and daughters do!

I blame the way our society thinks!

Yesterday, all the girls of my school were called by the principal and she blamed only the girls for whatever may happen. May I ask why?

Is it because , as one of politicians Mr.Yadav said “Boys make mistakes , how can we hang them for rape?”

It is because of that illogical way of thinking that our society chooses to follow that we are not safe today!

It is because girls are told to dress properly and told not go out at night instead of telling the boys to respect and Not To Rape, that we are not safe today!

It is because our government still hasn’t implemented all the laws perfectly, that we are not safe today!

It is because sex education is considered unnecessary and bad in our teaching curriculum, that we are not safe today!

It is because talks about rape and safe sex are considered unnecessary at homes, that we are not safe today!

But more than all these, it is because we are not fighting against this, because we are not taking action against this, because we are not speaking up against this, that we are not safe today!

Let’s not forget “From Ignorance Breeds Fear And From Fear, Bigotry”

So let’s all be Against Ignorance!