Oh Right, Gay Rights Aug02


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Oh Right, Gay Rights

It is a funny thing, the human intellect. The same person who would discuss Non Newtonian Fluids with you, in the same breath would go all conspiratorial and say ” Pssst, I think he is gay”. It does put things into perspective. We live in an age were sexual orientation or sexual preferences get as much screen time as real actual news and real actual science.

How many movie stars were purported to be gay? That in itself tells us that people are really interested in what other people (whom they don’t even know) do in their sexual lives.

Sit back for a moment. Just think, just imagine what exactly may be going through a person’s mind when they talk about the sexual orientation of another person. I have been asked “can you imagine him putting his thing into him”.  No I can’t. More to the point, I do not want to imagine where they or whoever puts their whatever.  But by that theory, conversely, if such a thought is used to judge a gay couple, does that mean that you can imagine what people whom you know who are straight do with their genitalia?

 How perverted can you be, if you need to imagine where people put their sexual organs so that you can approve of another person’s relationship. 

This need for people to pry into another person’s sexuality brings out the most contemptible aspect of man. A need to create a society were everyone has to approve of another person’s most private aspect of life. A need for people to conform to the narrow-mindedness of a set of people who put themselves on pedestals fuelled by the imagined power of religion or politics.

I have heard from my friends who are gay about how they lost friends after they came out to them. ( PS : I have also heard the stories of friends who ask “So? You still have to stand in the queue to take the tickets for the movie.” ) But if you lose friends because you are gay, were those friends looking at you sexually all the while? Do they think that orientation is a virus that affects people nearby?

Your friends are your friends and your children are your children. If their sexuality has to matter to you then you would have to be inclined towards having sex with them. Otherwise in no scenario does sexuality come into a friendship or any other relationship. If you want to have sex with everyone in this world, even those who you have no idea about, who live thousands of miles away from you, then there is something wrong with you.

Sexual orientation does not define a person. You do not choose to be a gay person, just like you do not choose to be a straight person but you can choose to be an asshole.

The world is changing, we are learning, we are evolving, we are realising how important it is to stand up for your friend, how important it is to stand up for your brother or sister, how important it is to standup for someone you don’t even know. The world is so connected that every one of your actions can bring salvation, satisfaction, pride and happiness to a person who thinks he or she is alone in this world.

We are talking about people here, we are talking about you and me here. We are talking humanity. We are talking about humility. We are talking about a world where everyone is gay. It means happy.
 The torch Against Ignorance has been lit, it has the backing of science, of evidence, of logic, of love, of empathy and of everything that makes us one amongst the millions of life forms that share this beautiful pale blue dot. Lets keep the flame blazing high.