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Going Against Ignorance

ai_Logo_Icon_ContrastIt is a weird world we live in, it is a weird set of people whom we share this world and it is a weird set of philosophies that we live with. Sometimes you see a something that gives you renewed hope in humanity, but many a times it is exasperation and futility that digitally scroll in front of our eyes.

We live on the third, blue planet from the Sun, which is a spec on the second arm of the small Milkyway Galaxy: A tiny spec in the vast cosmic ocean. But as Carl Sagan said:

“We are a way for the cosmos to know itself”.

We are part of such a wondrous event, our cells are made of atoms that were made in super novas, our life a unique celebration of the coming together of what may have been multiple galaxies and multiple stars. We breathe the same air that passed through the lungs of every animal that lived before us, we share the same tree of life. ( Yes, I saw Cosmos: A Space Time Odessey ) 
When I learn about the cosmos, its power and what it is, I was filled with wonder. A wonder that I could not contain, a wonder that makes me feel like a child learning to walk, a wonder that makes me a voracious consumer of information, a wonder that truly makes me happy  for living here at this age. Where science is reaching a stage if infinite wonders. Science makes me feel wonderful. It tells me that I am awesome and I am a unique universe in myself.

We read about anti-vaxxers, salt-in-sea-whale-spermers, moon-landing-hoaxers and suddenly our world appears less bright, our achievements seem less poignant, our lives become less meaningful, the wonders seems to shine less.

You cannot know everything about everything in this world. It is a fact, we do not have the time in this world for that, yet. One life time is not enough to consume the knowledge that we have uncovered over the last few hundred years. This was the time of enlightenment. When the human race got out of the shackles of mythology and supernaturalism, to step into a world of knowledge, light, proofs and logic. Becoming rational being, applying ones own thought on topics, proving them wrong or supporting them with new evidence. The gaps where gods could hide became smaller, and smaller, to a point that any mathematician would say, this gaps wont exists for more time.

Gods of weather are a thing of the past, gods for crops and harvests turned into fertilizers and farming. Gods that guarded the sea became GPS and Satellites. These were all attributed to god or gods. Their gods exist in mysteries and when there are no mysteries, they decide to call certain things mysteries and be happy in their claps and hymns.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Oh12ROTQCE]

People do not believe in climate change, people do not believe in Big Bang, people do not believe in evolution. Things like these, don’t need belief. They are true and has evidence to prove it to be true. That is why we go Against Ignorance.


“Nothing is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity”