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The honorable Supreme Court on its landmark judgement (dated 15/04/14)on the rights of Transgender community has directed the federal and state governments to bring welfare for the third gender people including education, healthcare and employment opportunities and to aid them overcome economic and and social challenges. The community  with souls of one gender trapped in body of the opposite, had always been marginalised for being born the way they are and in their attempts to train and catch up their bodies with their actual mind they find themselves as the third gender who establish a rigid symbiosis with their minds and bodies. Yes, when it comes to gender the transgenders break the societal rule being male or female and hence they are found as a threat by the same patriarchy, the very existence of which depends of every individuals’ compliance  which denies presence of them in politics, government or in the public. Moreover, if they live visible and Open , in most cases, they are tagged as perverts and are hated and hurt.


I had only seen those media  representations in which transgenders were portrayed as over-sexualized species, sex workers or drag queens and I hence carried the wrong idea that due to the visible presence of the Hijra individuals  at the queer pride marches,  quite an orthodox state like Kerala finds gay men too as trans persons. My pseudo notion towards the third gender individuals was jolted when I had met them in real life and spend time with. I had always been told that men don’t cry, and I didn’t at least for things that directly affected me, which proved wrong when I confronted with them in person and to know the shocking lives they pass through counterbalancing their dual identities.  I felt extremely shameful for myself for knowing only a little about them before and my hate for them vanished in a jiffy as soon as I realised that I was wholly wrong.

The ignorant ones easy fall into the trap of such stereotyping and often miss to grasp that they too do things like every one else does. Hardly few knows the truth that Trans people have a gender(male, female or inter sex  and an orientation(homo, hetero or bi) as we are persons who inhabit only the conventional gender roles. Their identity, about which they are not ambiguous , leaves them with much more emotional and mental stress than we do. They deserve respect for the fact that each person’ bond with her/his body is unique and in doing what works to adapt their bodies for their true minds . We must not understand them  from their performances for earnings but as real people and lets have enough empathy to be conscious to not find their attire as cross-dressing but just their way of wearing clothes.

When it is quite vivid that these fellow humans of alternate gender do not have proper place in the society for not being real male or female,  let us remember that there are many ways to be HUMAN than being only Man or Woman and hope that the law stay enough strong ,following and with justice to the verdict,  to enable the officials to integrate transgenders into the mainstream society and may be even a level beyond so as to amend 377 in near future.