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Deepak and Don

A conservative society often thinks that same-gender commitment is not possible on a long term; they insist that the government and any religious organizations must not perform witness or bless the rights that unite two individuals of the same gender. We are taught to believe that marriage has always, in any civilizations, been only between a woman and a man. Let us not dig into the history of homosexuality when we have living proofs of partners of same sex. Meet Mr: Deepak(a Keralite settled in the UK) and his partner Don(an US citizen) who shared their tale of love and successful living together.

“How did you guys meet and was it a love at first sight?”

Deepak-“I met Don at a bear club in the US, where we exchanged sight and it clicked, LOL. We spoke for a while and found the spark in minds of each other which we took home, cherished for a long and here we are”

Don-“Exactly, I found Deepak as a genuine personality; his cute smile added to my attachment for him”.

The truth that gays are humans who can cherish love in its pure form is vivid here beyond the prevailing myth that homosexual relations don’t last for a long. The lives of these two men prove that commitment between two persons of the same sex is not inherently varied from the same between individuals of opposite sexes.   When people claim the right to marry, their sex or sexuality is not intrinsic to that right, although social prejudice makes it appear so and hence Don adds “We don’t find our relation as a gay relation, being gay is just one dimension of us and our relation encompasses the whole of us, two’.

“Do you find same sex relations as short term ones, as commonly said?”

Deepak-“No, I don’t think so; we share more an emotional attachment and we don’t distinguish ourselves from heterosexual couples who enjoy every aspect of a living relation.

Don-“We don’t find our relation unconventional; we have the need for access to each other and to make certain joint decisions for life, just like in a straight relationship”

Deepak, who was lucky to have a family who accepted him  and could get his partner to live in joy, is always concerned for the gay community back in his native state and nation. He is ever keen to support the LGBT folks back in Kerala as he can and beyond and sustains a rigid bond of amity with the gay men in Kerala .

“Deepak, Do you hope India would legalize same sex relations any soon?”

While asserting the point that in our state family and community approval is sought and valued more than government’ approval Deepak added-“Obviously, I hope for the best and soon. But, beyond legal acceptance, society needs to be aware of the surging need to support the minority, especially in a conservative state like Kerala”.

Deepak and Don are now in the tenth year of their beautiful relation and plans to register their marriage in the UK in another year as same-sex relations are no longer illegal in the nation where they dwell in.