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Fight Ignorance. Create Awareness. Change the World.

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Scientific Skepticism. Healthy Rationality. Responsible Actions

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The best way out is always through. - Robert Frost

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We find ourselves in a world rampant with hatred that stems from ignorance. We choose to get our voices out and be heard, challenging the status quo where necessary to fight for what's right. We publicly show our support through campaigns online and offline, knowing full well that even the slightest effort can make an exponential change. Let's set the dominoes going together and work - Against Ignorance.

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She was just 5 years old when he slid his hands between her legs for the first time. He? He was her own cousin. It was just another lazy night for me when my friend told me about her childhood. It took me some time to realize the fact that she was sexually assaulted when she was just a child, just five years old. I always felt that “rape”, “molestation” and other crimes against women were simply disgusting, but I … read more

Yesterday, when I went online, half of my newsfeed was populated with reports and articles about Maria Sharapova not knowing Sachin Tendulkar. My first thoughts were, how is it that there is not even half this response to the rape cases happening all over the country? I was just telling my neighbour that the number of people reacting to this issue is literally more than half the number of people who reacted to the UP rape case , which happened on 30th may … read more